Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Spark: A Website That Reviews Indie Books

I found another book review site I feel I can recommend, it's called Book Spark. I haven't submitted to this site yet, but I like the review policy. Book Spark accepts indie books, promises an honest, slam-free review, and cross-posts all reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Shelfari to name a few.

There is no charge for a review on Book Spark--and please authors--don't ever pay for a review! The only time I could see doing it is if the book reviewer is so popular you believe the exposure is worth the money. But if you're paying, let's call a spade a spade--it's an ad, not a real review. Amazon won't allow paid reviews to be posted on their site because they're biased. Some site's charge a "reading fee", this fee counts as paying for the review. Don't pay it!

Why? Fans flock to review sites that are honest. They learn to ignore sites that give every book under the sun a glowing review. It's worth risking a bad review to go somewhere that has a trusting audience. When you visit a site, go straight to the bad reviews and read them. As long as they aren't slamming authors, go for it.

There is one caveat regarding Book Spark. Due to overwhelming requests to review books, they are not accepting digital copies. I am a huge advocate of putting your book into print, and this is another reason why you might want to consider it if you haven't already. I believe authors should publish everywhere and in every format! Don't limit yourself. Publishing through Createspace is 100% free! (unless you order a proof of your shiny, new paperback--which you should!) So the cost is minimal and the reward is unlimited.

Don't be discouraged if you only have an ebook! Book Spark also offers author interviews, guest posts, giveaways, and blog hops!

Click HERE to check out Book Spark!

To Do: Submit your paperback to Book Spark today (and check out Createspace or one of the other publishers if you don't have one!)