Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 142-May New Release by Author, Neasha Hill: Junior Size Faith

May New Release: Junior Size Faith
by Neasha Hill

This town had sat undisturbed and silent for so long, each little house draped in a monotonous, predictable fog. The fog said to passersby that life was just what it was; expect no more. That was exactly what they expected, no more than they already had.

What had robbed these people of their faith and turned them into routine worshipers? As Junior searches for answers, an entire town must face their sins. 

Jennifer: What inspired you to write Junior Size Faith?
Neasha: Junior Size Faith was inspired by a simple idea, looking at faith through the eyes of a child.  I think in someways we all want to ask the questions that my main character Junior does, but we are afraid.  He not only asks the difficult questions, he also doesn't stop till he receives an answer to them. Even though the town and his family ask him to stop.
Neasha Hill

Jennifer: Why did you choose self-publishing as your avenue of publication?
Neasha: I chose self-publishing after many months of research on the subject. I had received a lot of great feedback on my manuscript and Createspace offered everything I needed to publish a quality product.   I had put a lot of time and effort into my work and I wanted my diligence to be represented in a professional way.

Jennifer: Your book cover is lovely, did you create it?
Neasha: Thank you.  We did create it.  I had taken the picture a few years back on my son's class field trip to the Lincoln Museum in Illinois.  When I actually saw the setting I knew I had the cover for my book, I had the children step aside and I snapped a few pictures.  We worked with Createspace cover creator and polished it up.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out and have been asked several times where it was taken.

Jennifer: Where can readers find you online?
Neasha: My biggest Avenues in marketing are my facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/juniorsizefaith?ref=tn_tnmn where I not only promote my book but I also have been putting up links to Free Christian eBook downloads, plus I use Twitter and my blog, http://neashahill.blogspot.com/.  With only making my facebook fan page public on May 11, I think it has done pretty well.  :)

Jennifer: What is your next project?
Neasha: I am working on the sequels to Junior Size Faith.  There is a death, a baby, and new characters.  I am very excited to welcome my new readers into this world I have created! 

Jennifer: What do you do when you aren't writing?
Neasha: When I am not writing I am busy running my children here and there.  We have a very busy schedule and I never thought we would be this busy with teenagers!  It is very rewarding, I love every second of it (well maybe not all the waiting around in the car for them).  We have a church mission trip planned for this summer and I am looking forward to it.

Neasha Hill lives in the Midwest with her husband & high school sweetheart. They have two teenage sons who love to fish, play sports, and just all around keep her very busy.  She and her family are members of Calvary Baptist Church.