Saturday, May 26, 2012

Authors, Don't Quit!

On most weekends, I promote my book, The Pet Washer, with Tweets and Facebook posts. I've already written about this and it seems redundant to write about it again. So any day you don't see a post from me, you can be sure that I tweeted or face booked or networked in some other way online. Unless it's something new, I won't bore you with the details.But rest assured, I never go a day without doing something!

A note about blogs, websites, tweets, reviews, author interviews etc. Did you know that it takes a buyer seeing something seven times before they decide to purchase? A lot of promoting you do will not give you immediate sales. Don't stop or get frustrated when your sales don't reflect your hard work. Keep at it! You are building name recognition for your title and for yourself as an author.

There are so many books I want to read. I buy the ones that nag me the most. Either I see non-stop ads for the book or people keep telling me, "You have to read this", or I see the book tweeted about every day. Finally, I give in and Ibuy it.

When I started this blog to promote The Pet Washer, I told myself not to judge the results for one year. There are days when the marketing feels ineffective, there are days when I am hugely discouraged. Then a reader contacts me or I get asked to speak and I cheer up. I can predict that I won't succeed if I quit. I can't predict what will happen if I keep going. If I keep going, I always have hope, even on the bad days!

Don't Quit!! But take time to enjoy your life. Tweeting takes just a moment, and you'll feel good knowing you promoted yourself for the rest of your day. Use Hootsuite to set up all your tweets for the week, or if you are on going to be on vacation. Work smarter not harder!!


To Do: Do something everyday, but don't let marketing take over your life! Oh yeah, and write that next book while you're at it!! Writers write, right?