Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Networking With Authors

Today is all about networking. I put out an open call for author interviews and guest posts, and I've been flooded with responses.

This is what happens on my end. I open my email and review all my messages for The Jennifer (Author) Diaries, plus the soccer practice updates, PTA news, banking alerts etc.

I review all the requests for interviews and I either request more information, or I research the author with the links they provide. I browse their websites, look at their books on Amazon, peek at their sales rankings, and read their bio's. I'm not looking for anything other than to get to know the authors' online presence. This helps me customize an interview for them.

I had a briefly, awkward exchange with an erotic author. I forgot to mention I don't cover erotica on this blog. She understood completely and now we're discussing a guest post instead of an interview. She's a lovely gal and a very good writer.

After I gather my intel, I send the questions and book a date for the author's interview, guest post, cover reveal, blog tour stop, or whatever.

I love it! There is nothing like chatting with writers, but it takes a lot of time. I'm only half way done with today's work, and I still have a manuscript to edit and kids to get from school. Networking is important though. I learn a lot from others in this business. I'm excited about the interviews and guest posts that will be coming soon. I'm an avid reader of my own blog--lol.

So I'm not promoting my book today, I'm working on promoting yours. Please keep contacting me. I try for a fast response, but please be patient if I take a few days to get back to you. If any more time than that goes by, email me again, you won't bother me. I have three kids, I'm used to being harassed :)

To Do: Reach out to other authors. Take the focus off your book today, and ask someone about their book! It's fun.