Friday, May 4, 2012

Are Your Links Linkable?

I made a major error today in my monthly email newsletter. After getting everyone all excited about a new book (not mine) I blew it on the link to the author's interview. This is my headline story and I flubbed it. Will anyone trust the rest of the links in my newsletter? Ugh!

I need to follow my own advice and double check every clickable link before I publish a newsletter or a blog post.

For any of you here because of the newsletter, here is the link to the interview for Lies Beneath!

I apologize for creating more steps for my readers. I consider this a major blunder and it's because I rushed things. They say busyness is the death of kindness, but I say busyness is the death of details!

I continue to be thrilled with my email software program Vertical Response. Every author should have an email database and a monthly newsletter in my opinion. Check mine out to see how awesome the templates are at VR. I sent this to 175 people and it only cost me $2.63. I don't have to worry about annoying anyone because of the unsubscribe feature. Love it!

To Do: Create an email list and update your contacts with your projects and even those of others. It's fun! Just remember to check your links!!

UPDATE: I am saved! Vertical Response allows me to edit my linkable URL's after the fact! The link is faulty, but seems to be working half of the time!! It's better than nothing and it's rare in life to get a second chance :)

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