Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 70--SocialBro, An Impressive Free Twitter Tool

I learn from everyone who blogs, tweets and posts. I picked up a random tip today and downloaded the SocialBro app for Twitter. I will admit, I didn't "get" Twitter for a long time. All I saw was a one-dimensional world.

SocialBro has opened my eyes! When I got my Twitter account, I was only seeing the tip of the iceberg. SocialBro is exposing the massivity of this thing (I know massivity is not a word, I'm coining it!). Twitter rocks!

I still don't fully comprehend Twitter, but I'm a believer. Socialbro is a free app. Anyone can download it. The information it organizes and the tools it provides are invaluable if you are using Twitter to market anything.

  • Browse Your Twitter Community
  • Back up Your Community
  • Twitter List Management
  • Easy Follow/Unfollow Back Tools
  • Fast Communication with Your Community
  • Search, Filter and Sort All Twitter
  • Dashboard
  • See Your Twitter Community in a Map
  • Get the Best Stats
  • The Best Time to Tweet
  • Tag Clouds
SocialBro, An Impressive Twitter Tool

    Socialbro also lets you know who is not following you back so you can unfollow them. Have you ever noticed how someone with 4000 followers, follows about 4000 people? Or if they have 7000 followers, they follow around 7000 people? I noticed this trend before I understood it.

    Twitter is like Goldilocks--picky. You can be banned or shunned for aggressive following, aggressive unfollowing, for tweeting too much, for tweeting too little, for churning, for stealing, for spamming, for getting followers too fast, for getting followers too slow or for having an imbalance between your followers and who is following you. With Twitter, you want to be just right!

    When your followers closely equal your follows, you are in safe territory (unless you're a celeb, see below). The rest of it is trial and error for me. I have honest intentions, so I'm not concerned that I'll spam, churn, steal or be too aggressive.

    Who knew, right?

    SocialBro exposed my Twitter weaknesses. I was following people who, after weeks, were not following me back. I got rid of all of them except the few professionals whose tweets I love, i.e. Darren Rowse at Problogger. I can only dream of the day he might follow me back!

    Darren Rowse has over 150,000 followers and he follows about 600 people.This is an imbalance that is "allowed". A celeb type will generally have more followers than people they follow. It increases their influence and authority. Their tweets become valuable. They are not going to be shunned or kicked off of Twitter for being famous. In fact, their tweets carry all the more weight. If Ashton Kutcher were to tweet about The Pet Washer, my sales would go through the roof. Celebs play by a different set of rules. Twitter recognizes that. 

    It also shows me the people who follow me that I have neglected to follow back. I'm able to see them all in one place and rectify my oversight. Twitter is a marketing social website for me, not a personal one. I don't put pictures of my kids and pets on Twitter.I am looking to connect with a quantity of quality people, primarily, authors, readers, bloggers, editors and publishers. It's where I promote The Pet Washer. It's fun, but it's business.

    SocialBro has given me a glimpse of the iceberg that is Twitter. The more I learn about Twitter, the more I realize how much there is left to learn. I'm excited to get a handle on this beast! 

    To Do: If you are looking to market yourself or your book, consider downloading SocialBro today. Don't hit the iceberg, Twitter the iceberg!

    Follow me on Twitter and I'll follow you back!

    Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
    Author of The Pet Washer
    a novel for girls aged 8-11