Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where the Magic Happens!

Yep, this is where the magic happens--in my office! This is where I am sitting right now. Can't you see me clicking away on the keyboard from that very chair? This is where I update my blogs, write my novels, answer emails, and hide from my children!

I know that I am blessed beyond belief to have a dedicated writing space. I spend more hours in here than I do in my kitchen. (I'm starting to suspect that my skinny family may be more than just a genetic thing....)

Today, my den looks nothing like this. I have three cameras and none of them are working right now, otherwise, I'd show you! Trust me though--my kids have been in here. There are dishes on the desktop, school papers and scribbled notes cover every inch of wood, toys litter the floor, and articles of clothing are thrown over the chairs. I can't think in here! I can't write in here! My oasis has been soiled by the locals.

Today, I am gathering the troops and we are cleaning this place! No matter where I write, I need an inviting space. If you've ever played the SIMS (my favorite game!), then please imagine green waves floating off my desk and me crying in my chair with a flaming red environment bar! If this doesn't get cleaned up, I will lose productivity!

To Do: Clean your writing space today!

Where does the magic happen for you? Where do you write your books or update your blogs? Is your space neat and tidy or can you write through clutter? Are you an "internet cafe" writer or a "laptop on your bed" writer or do you have a den like me? Pray, do tell!

Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
Author of The Pet Washer
a novel for girls aged 9-12